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Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs. Sold Individually.

We sell NGK, Bosch & Denso plugs.

Because customers like to run different plugs than what was originally equipped we have consolidated are listing into a separate catagory.

Here's a quick breakdown of plug info.

Different manufacturers use different numerical scales to identify their heat ranges. (ie a NGK 7 is colder than a 6. However, a NGK 7 is the same heat range as a Bosch 5 and a colder Bosch would be a 4,5  not an 8.) Some plugs like the Denso Iridium IK20 have a very wide heat range, like 5-7.

We personally like NGK Silver or Copper plugs. Silver & Copper are the best conductors but are soft metals so they typically wear faster. Platinum will last longer, but in our opion not offer the best performance. Dual or Triple prong plugs are great in applications where you would not be changing the gap (as you might in a boosted/big turbo application).

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